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Turning everyday family memories into therapeutic connections, nurturing the emotional and cognitive health of your loved ones

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Meet Lilia


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I reimagine family digital connections. Using generative AI, I enrich family interactions, transforming everyday conversations into joyful experiences.

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How do I do that? I can seamlessly create a family journal from all your messages & media exchanged on social platforms like WhatsApp and turn it into something much more fun!


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Parents and grandparents appreciate me most, as I continue sharing family updates with them through the family journal, especially about those who are far away. It’s a way to keep us all engaged.


The first personalized family social network



Lilia tailors digital interactions using family data (pictures, videos, audio messages and texts) from a dedicated WhatsApp group.

We craft unique experiences from family stories and cherished memories

Well-being Focused

"Well-being at the Core": Lilia's foundation is well-being, bringing more joy with every chat.


"Empowering Connections": Lilia empowers families and caregivers to foster engagement.

Data Privacy by Design


"Your Data, Your Privacy": Lilia prioritizes data privacy, ensuring your information is secure.

"Secure & Compliant": We meet the highest security standards (HDS) and ensure data safety.

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